Question 1

How long will my order take to arrive.


The country of destination and the country of origin all play a part.

We ship SPLID from within Australia and we can control the time to a certain extent. This means we can start packing it send it off at the local post office within 24 hours of the order arriving. This usually means if you live in Australia also you will likely receive the items inside of 7-9 days but it can also be much quicker. We are based in Melbourne & capital city deliveries can be as quick as 3 days.

All our other products ship from China so this can take a whole more time. This is not unusual or specific to us. Chinese Postal Services work as quickly as all others but it is often between 7-9 days at the fastest to 28 days and sometimes longer for the slowest. We cannot control this but we can push them and and write to them & threaten them with our business but at the end of the day we can only do so much.

However - We source our products only from reputable suppliers with a good track record so we will never trade in products with suppliers who have not proven their reliability and trustworthiness.

When we ship SPLID overseas we always deal with Australia Post. We have extensive experience with AP & we can assure you we will jump on an order which has taken longer to come or something has gone astray.


Question 2

What happens if my product has arrived damaged?


Products are sometimes damaged in the postal passage. Often packaging is dented or pressed to the point whereby the box is unsightly, this is especially true with products that arrive by e-packet a usually free service (usually free of delivery costs to you the consumer) so products have been known to be knocked about.

Again, we try our best to deal only with manufacturers or suppliers who have a lot at stake & have proven a history of good service. But again, this is not an absolute guarantee. Rest assured we will work with you and if the product itself is damaged all you need to do is take a quick snap on your phone and show it to us we will always refund your money. Scammers have been known to claim damage & send photos but keep the product. We will refund you money once we receive it back.

This however is not set in stone, if the damage is so obvious and so it comes to pass that you have been clearly left in the lurch (as we say here in oz) we will refund your money ahead of time.

Scam issues usually relate to showing us pictures of products that can be easily fixed so they fix the product after a photo is taken and keep it & want their money back. Some people have a nerve! ;) 


Question 3

How do you know if you are dealing with a proper reputable business?


We are a small team of individuals who are backed by a larger group of companies. We are based in Melbourne Australia & we are quite new at this, but we hope that doesn’t put you off, because what we are not new at is to being in the service industry & business % trading in general.

We are only reasonably new to online trading, but absolutely not new to business .

Our business here at SPLID & Other Things is financially backed by a bigger & much group of companies who are very well known in the textiles and fashion industries & have been established since 1982.

The component that runs this site is also run by a family group (a brother & sister team) who have been involved and (the sister component) still involved, in restaurants and cafes since 1986. Between the two siblings we have run some of Melbourne’s best known venues with a very large number still in daily operation.

SPLID is the core of our business online as this is our main product which we have developed in-house and own 100% of. Nobody else on Earth is currently licensed to sell or manufacture SPLID.

SPLID was created to be used alongside daily food items like spices and seasonings but SPLID was originally conceived during an aha moment while observing a man drinking coffee and double dipping his teaspoon into a sugar bowl. SPLID is a natural for sugar, salt and spices so the home & coffee markets is a natural fit for our SPLID & vice versa for the other products we sell.

We have produced tens of thousands of SPLID in various sizes and colours and so we are here to stay. Our dream is to build a bigger online business & trade in many other home based commodity products as well as our very own SPLID line.